Alabama Name Change Laws

To obtain a legal name change in Alabama, an applicant must submit a petition to the probate court for a name change order. No publication is required. (Statute: Ala. Code §12-13-1)

Alabama Drivers License Policy & Procedures

In order to update name and gender on an Alabama ID, the applicant must first change their name with the Social Security Administration and then submit (1) the court order for name change and (2) documentation signed by a surgeon verifying that the applicant has completed gender reassignment surgery. The applicant must update the name on their license within 30 days of receiving a legal name change. Information regarding name changes on an Alabama Drivers License is available here.

Alabama Birth Certificate Laws

Alabama will amend the gender marker on a  birth certificate upon receipt of a certified copy of an order of a court of competent jurisdiction indicating that the “sex… has been changed by surgical procedure and that the name of the individual has been changed.” An amended birth certificate is issued and the original birth certificate is not sealed. (Alabama Code § 22-9A-19, 22-9A-21). To apply for an amended birth certificate the applicant should submit a request to amend birth certificate, the certified court order, a copy of their government issued photo ID, and any applicable fees to Vital Records. The request to amend a birth certificate can be found here.

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